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China Research Seminar Series

The China Research Seminar Series (CRSS) is an event organized by the Association of Cambridge Studies. It is comprised of about ten seminars\roundtable discussions running throughout 2011-2012. The seminars are given by scholars from both Cambridge and other Universities whose research revolves around China. The series intends to create a centralized resource for exchanging ideas among researchers involved with China Studies. It is also suitable for people who are interested in knowing more about China - its culture, history, and contemporary issues. A good proportion of the audience will be Chinese scholars at Cambridge who can provide valuable feedback to the talk/presentation. The topics of the series are quite wide-ranging but normally restricted to humanities and social science studies. All members of the university are welcome.

Please contact the orgniser Ms Na Chang ( for further information.

Upcoming Events: (See a list of past talks)

Speaker   Talk Title

Prof. Athar Hussain

Fault line in the Chinese Social Security System


Stephen Timewell
Editor Emeritus, The Banker

Banking in China and the Media


Dr Yongjiang Shi
University Lecturer,

The Shanzhai Phenomenon and its Implications


Superintendant of Education Ministry
Yunnan Province, China

Value Education Principle


余新忠 教授


Head of the Department of Finance
Shenyang University

Assets Valuation: Practices and Challenges in China's Transitional Period

Prof. Dagmar Schaefer
Director of the Centre for Chinese Studies, University of Manchester

Knowledge and Technology in Late Ming China

Prof. Fei CHEN
Nan Chang University, China

The spatial characteristics of the convergence of regional economic growth in China